The Clever Container Challenge

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This is a newer challenge style we have on Giddy: Top Secret Challenges. That means the entries for this challenge must remain confidential. This means they will stay private on Giddy and cannot be shared on social media, your website, or other public disclosures.

Challenge rules:

Required Starter Kit:

Smart Kitchens are the future. From appliances (fridges, robots etc), containers & recipes ideas to grocery management (Amazon Dash button), the offer is expanding every day. Some of these solutions are real breakthroughs and have changed our lives for good. Many of them turned out to be shallow, not solving real pain points and included buzzworthy technologies that added little value in our daily lives.

In our kitchens more than anywhere else in our lives, we want things to be ORGANIZED, SAFE, CLEAN and to be mindful of WASTE. Throwing food away makes us feel bad. Globally, 57% of food produced go to waste and at the same time resources are getting scarcer and unevenly distributed.

The Challenge: How can we integrate with purpose, IoT into food containers? Whether in the kitchen (fridge, freezer, pantry, countertop) or on the go.

Submission due by January 8th at 4:59 PM EST