The Clever Container Concept

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This is a newer challenge style we have on Giddy: Top Secret Challenges. That means the entries for this challenge must remain confidential. This means they will stay private on Giddy and cannot be shared on social media, your website, or other public disclosures.

Challenge rules:

Required Starter Kit:

This challenge is a place to share the direction of your Clever Container Challenge entry for a chance at some extra cash and UP your submission game before the real deal is due.

So what is required? Easy. Just a quick sketch or rendering of your concept or concepts so the judges can give you some valuable nuggets of feedback before you submit to the challenge. If the judges think your concept is something could win the competition, you’ll get the judges stamp of approval and win the prize and eligible upgrade!

Judges will select up to 10 entries to give a stamp of approval to, but not necessarily 10 so put forth your best effort!

Submission due by December 11th at 4:59 PM EST