The Refill-ter Challenge

1y ago

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Required Starter Kit Information:

Today’s modern conveniences bring improvements to our lives so seamlessly, they feel almost invisible - like the air we breathe. Clean, filtered central air is vital to our indoor lifestyle but easy to take for granted. The air filters that remove dust and allergens from our homes, while improving energy efficiency in our HVAC, still come at a cost to our environment when they are replaced every 3-6 months. And with so many houses and apartments with central air, that waste is really piling up in our landfills.

The fine engineers from AAF | Flanders decided to tackle the problem. They have come up with a filter frame with replaceable filter media that can be completely recycled, reducing the overall packaging and product waste hitting our space-restricted landfills. The media replacement experience and filter frame design, however, remain problems in search of a solution.

The Challenge: Design a reusable air filter frame with removable filter media that is easy to replenish.

Submission due by July 17th at 4:59 PM EST
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