The Top Secret Deconstructed Soda Challenge

1y ago

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This is a new challenge style we are introducing on Giddy: Top Secret Challenges. That means the entries for this challenge must remain confidential. This means they will stay private on Giddy and cannot be shared on social media, your website, or other public disclosures.

Challenge rules:

Required Starter Kit:

What a time to be alive: somewhere between the discovery of how well avocado goes on toast and the creation of Instagram, society has realized how important good food and beverage is in life are and found new ways to make them even better. We have more restaurant choices, fresher ingredients (example: avocados), and better control over our order than ever before.

Revolutionary soda fountains have kicked off the first major evolution of the classic soda fountain, giving consumers more beverage choices and a refreshing style. Nonetheless, there is an opportunity for the third wave of soda fountains just around the corner by elevating the drink crafting experience.

The Challenge: Design a multi-station soda fountain that elevates the beverage crafting experience while still being convenient and quick enough for fast casual dining.

Updated Challenge Deadline: November 7th at 4:59 pm EST